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Crack 5 Update 5 Gta V ((EXCLUSIVE))

Rockstar Games often deploy weekly updates with a new podium vehicle, events, 2XP events, and more, but these are often released on a Thursday with no patch for players to download. In fact, the last time players were prompted to download a client-side patch was when The Contract DLC was released last year.

Crack 5 update 5 gta v

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August 15 has arrived in GTA Online, which means we've got another GTA Online Weekly Updateto enjoy! The game has received a selection of temporary changes and updates, as it has every week for the past few years (aside from the launch of massive updates that is). This includes limited discounts, bonuses to specific mission types, and free vehicles for you to fight over.

Well, let us help you! Below, you will find a full and complete list of all GTA Online DLCs & Updates in chronological order from newest to oldest, each of them linking to their respective article providing detailed information. The only place you'll find a more extensive listing of the latest updates is from Rockstar Support ;).

The gameconfig.xml is a magic mod. Just install it and all your problems will disappear. Or not. Once installed you might want to read this.


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