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If you are concerned about discolouration, or have any questions about how to look after your worktops, then we would always recommend to speak to a manufacturer or installer with specialist knowledge.


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Similar to other indoor Orchids, the Ludisia discolour has native origins to tropical locations in South-East Asia. The species was initially described by John Ker-Gawler in 1818 as Goodyera discolor, but was subsequently moved into its own genus by Achille Richard seven years later. His reasoning for the name is still unclear today.

Ludisia discolour belongs to a family of petite orchids, commonly known as 'Jewel Orchids'. This orchid produces spectacular, dark, oval-shaped leaves with iridescent pink veins, and is the perfect addition to any collector looking to expand their collection into something a little more unusual.

The discoloured, non-vital anterior tooth is a common aesthetic concern for many patients. It can have a profound effect on their self-esteem, interaction with others and employability. Discoloured non-vital teeth are frequently compromised owing to previous trauma, caries, endodontic therapy and failed restorations. Destructive invasive treatment options are likely to weaken the residual structure of the tooth. This can reduce the prognosis and challenge the long-term viability of the tooth, thereby initiating further prosthetic predicaments. This paper discusses modern approaches to the treatment of discoloured teeth. The importance of preventing and eliminating the potential for discoloration will be highlighted. The paper will include a detailed technical account on the application of the inside/outside bleaching technique, with several clinical examples.

That depends on the composition of your gold plated jewelry and the thickness of the gold plating. Therefore, when buying a gold plated piece of jewelry, research the composition of the piece of jewelry. A gold-plated piece of jewelry is always made of a basic material such as sterling silver or brass with a layer of gold on top. All rings from Josephina Jewelry are made of gold plated brass. If you want to be sure that your jewelry never discolours, it is best to buy solid gold jewelry. Are solid gold jewelry above your budget, but still want a cheaper, high-quality alternative? Then it is wise to delve into gold plated jewelry, we will tell you more about this in this blog.

There are many things that happen to the human body as we age, and one of these is discolouration of the teeth. Your once shiny, pearly white smile might start to take on a yellowish tinge as the years creep up on you, but what exactly causes this?

However, if the discolouration persists, it may be time to replace the flooring with high-quality material from a trusted store. As an expert in vinyl flooring installation, AA Floors offers top-quality vinyl flooring options in Toronto and surrounding areas. By following these tips and investing in quality flooring, you can ensure that your vinyl floors stay beautiful and functional for years to come.

Dead-end flushing, as with other activities on the water distribution system, can disturb deposits that normally occur in water pipes. If you notice your tap water is brown or discoloured, please be assured the water is still safe.

We work to deliver high quality water every day. Sometimes customers report their tap water has an unusual taste, smell or is discoloured. The information below explains what could be causing this and what can be done about it.

Coffee and tea contain tannins (acidic polyphenols) that lead to the staining and discolouration of teeth. Their acidity also alters the pH balance in your mouth, causing any acidic food you eat after drinking coffee to cause additional damage, more quickly.

If your tooth discolouration looks more toward grey than yellow, it may be red wine that is to blame. Unfortunately, grey discolouration is a little harder to remove than yellow. The culprits in red wine are the same as those in coffee and tea: tannins.

Coffee and tea are full of tannins that stain and discolour your teeth. Plus, these beverages are quite acidic which can further damage the enamel. To curtail any staining, you can add some milk to lighten the colour and then rinse with a glass of water after to act as a buffer from the acids. The quality also makes a difference, so stick to high-quality brands if you want whiter teeth.

Naturally occurring minerals (primarily iron and manganese) in the water are typically to blame for water discolouration. These minerals, which are heavier than water, settle in water mains under normal operating conditions. When water flow in the water mains increases due to events such as water main breaks, firefighting or water main flushing, the minerals are scoured from the water mains and end up flowing from your faucets when you turn on the tap. Below are some frequently asked questions about discoloured water.

Use the survey below to report discoloured drinking water where you are observing it so our Water Quality and Water Operations teams can investigate as soon as possible. To open the survey in a new window, click here.

If the water fails to clear after 10 minutes, wait for a few hours and again try running only the cold water. If the water is still discoloured, fill out our discoloured drinking water survey above or contact our Customer Care Centre at 902-420-9287. Running the water for 10 minutes at the high flow rate for a faucet will cost about 8 cents at current water rates (or 50 cents per hour).

Halifax Water has analyzed samples of discoloured water, and although it may not smell, taste, or look pleasant, the results have indicated that there are no microbial issues with the water, such as presence of disease-causing bacteria, protozoa or viruses. 041b061a72


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