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Pilot Part 1The L Word : Season 1 Episode 1

Season four's finale emblematizes The L Word's chaotic and endlessly entertaining form of storytelling. Among numerous plotlines, the episode tackles an ongoing struggle between girlfriends Alice (Leisha Hailey) and Tasha (Rose Rollins), the latter of whom has decided to return to military duty. Their disparate views have caused previous friction, making Tasha's pending departure a climactic moment in their struggle to find common ground.

Pilot Part 1The L Word : Season 1 Episode 1

This season one episode tracks the increasing problems in Bette and Tina's relationship, while all of the principal characters (minus Bette) visit Palm Springs for a women's golf event. Throughout the season, Jenny has been coming to terms with her sexuality after moving to L.A. with her underwhelming boyfriend Tim (Eric Mabius) and then cheating on him.

As fans of The L Word will recall, the initially layered and empathetic character Jenny Schecter gradually transforms into one of the most infamously depicted characters on the show. The season five episode "Lookin' at You, Kid" illustrates some causes of hatred toward Jenny, both by fans and the show's characters.

After writing and securing a film deal for her book Lez Girls, Jenny's character's devolution has run wild and alienates almost everyone around her. In this episode, Jenny's friends are already angry after learning of their questionable depictions in the supposedly fictional book. At a party, they meet the actors who will portray them in the upcoming movie, which leads to a series of hilarious and uncomfortable confrontations.

This season three premiere abruptly reveals that Alice and Dana, whose relationship blossomed in season two, are now broken up. Admittedly, the plot development is a bit jarring because viewers don't initially witness the downfall of this relationship, just some issues of jealousy (on Alice's part) in season two.

One of the series's most layered relationships takes root in this season four episode, in which Alice encounters Tasha, whose military status and political views are utterly removed from Alice's own. The episode also attempts to tackle issues of transphobia and sexism in the workplace when Max observes the poor treatment of his female co-workers.

Ironically, one of the most traumatic moments of The L Word occurs in its highest-rated episode. Throughout the third season, Dana has faced a tumultuous battle with breast cancer, but she briefly appears to be in recovery. Things take a dramatically negative turn, however, and Dana returns to the hospital with an infection, passing away at the end of "Losing the Light." 041b061a72


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