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[S1E12] Jayden's Challenge

Top Chef Family Style is an American reality streaming television series and a spin-off of Bravo's Top Chef series. The show features young chefs teaming up with adult family members to compete in culinary challenges for a US$100,000 prize.[1][2] The series was ordered in May 2021 by streaming service Peacock.[1] It is hosted by Meghan Trainor with Marcus Samuelsson serving as head judge.[1] The series premiered on September 9, 2021, and concluded on December 2, 2021.[3] In the season finale, niece and uncle Delilah and Daniel "Danny" Flores were declared the winners, with daughter and mother Anika and Anupama "Anu" Kumar placing as runners-up.[4] In 2022, the second episode "Truffles, Caviar & Prawns -- Oh My!" received the James Beard Foundation Award for Reality or Competition Visual Media.[5]

[S1E12] Jayden's Challenge

Quickfire Challenge: The duos were tasked with putting their own spin on Eggs Benedict. However, before cooking, one member of each duo was required to present a perfectly poached egg to guest judge Nancy Silverton. Only the first six contestants to poach their eggs correctly were able to move onto the second part of the challenge. The winning duo received immunity from elimination.

Quickfire Challenge: For a State Farm-sponsored challenge, the duos were assigned pantries, decorated as houses, which each contained unique ingredients. If the contestants required more, they would have to "be good neighbors" and ask others to borrow their ingredients. The duos needed to make dishes that reflected their own neighborhoods, past or present. Top Chef: Texas contestant Nyesha Arrington served as a guest judge. The winning duo received immunity from elimination and US$10,000.

Elimination Challenge: The duos, separated into two teams, competed in Top Chef's traditional Restaurant Wars challenge. The teams were given two days to plan and execute their restaurant concepts. Their menus needed to include at least two appetizers, two entrées, and one dessert. The teams also had to designate an expeditor and front of house. The contestants worked with a designer to help decorate their restaurants. Top Chef: Kentucky winner Kelsey Barnard Clark and Top Chef: Seattle/Top Chef: Charleston finalist Sheldon Simeon served as guest judges. In a special announcement, Meghan Trainor revealed that the grand prize awarded to the winners of the season would be doubled from US$50,000 to $100,000.

Quickfire Challenge: The duos were tasked with recreating one dish of their choosing from the "Top Chef Quickfire Hall of Fame", a list of winning Quickfire Challenge dishes from past seasons of the show. They were not provided a recipe; instead, the duos were given tablets allowing them to videocall the Top Chef alumnus who originally created their chosen dish. The duos were only allowed to speak with the alumni for the first ten minutes of the challenge. Top Chef: Seattle runner-up/Top Chef: Charleston winner Brooke Williamson served as a guest judge. The winning duo received an advantage in the Elimination Challenge.

The VTO Sports All-American Challenge featured athletes from 20 states across the nation in a two-day event that featured lots of competition and fun. The first day of the event featured combine testing, positional drills, and 1-v-1 competition. The second day of the event featured a 7v7 tournament and a linemen challenge. Over 250 athletes competed in both hot weather on Saturday and rainy weather on Sunday.

The top 24 young cooks run into the MasterChef Kitchen. Gordon says that for the 10th season almost every challenge will be presented by one of the 18 talented MasterChef Jr winners! First up is one to the season 2 winners AIDIAH!! For the first challenge the top 24 will compete in a basic skills test; cutting onions, filet a fish and separate 2 dozen eggs. After time is up the judges look over the kids work and pick who is safe and who is not.

The top 17 enter the MasterChef Kitchen and Gordon announces the next 2 challenges will be presented by one of the Seasons 4 winners, NATE!!! For the first skills test the kids will break down a whole tuna and the top three will secure their place on the balcony. In the end the three that di the best job cutting up the tuna are SAYDE, JAKE and ANDRES!

Bella did amazing in the challenge. The fish is cooked beautifully, and the taste is out of this world. The noodles are incredible, and all the judges love the green beans. Christina says if she keeps cooking like this she can win the whole thing.

The top 11 enter the MasterChef Kitchen and Gordon says the next 2 challenges will be presented by one of the Season 3 Winners: NATHAN!! For the first challenge the kids have to make a box of 12 French Macarons. The top 5 best looking boxes will be tasted.

The top 9 enter the MasterChef Kitchen Gordon says the next 2 challenges will be presented by the other season 6 winner EVAN!!!!!! For the first Mystery Box the top 9 will make a global dish and they can make whatever they want to make!!

The top 7 young cooks enter the MasterChef Kitchen where Gordon says the next 2 challenges will be set by the other Season 7 Winner CHE!! He says since he loves cooking for his mom the first challenge will be to make a dish that they would make for their moms at home.

Brain Games: On the RoadNat Geo, 8pmFour back-to-back episodes air tonight. Here are a few of the games covered in the first episode: upside-down frowns, hot dates, bizarre bazaar and the missing link. Plus, viewers get to challenge themselves with fascinating games about The Bizarreness Effect and Convergent Thinking. How will your brain stack up against the players?

Parents need to know that Hank Zipzer is a British show that's based on Henry Winkler's children's book series of the same name and whose hero is a grade-schooler with dyslexia. Hank's experiences -- inspired by Winkler's own as a child -- create lots of funny mishaps, but more importantly, they increase awareness of learning challenges as a whole. There are some incidents of mild bullying -- especially at the hands of Hank's nemesis, who enjoys seeing him fail -- but overall, the stories focus on Hank's success in overcoming the challenges that his dyslexia poses in school and outside activities. The importance of mentors and the value of having loyal friends are recurring themes in this excellent, family-friendly series.

HANK ZIPZER is a British series about a 12-year-old boy (Nick James) whose dyslexia poses certain challenges for him in school and extracurricular learning. Hank's classmates don't break a sweat over things like simple written reports about summer adventures, but for him, these are show-stoppers, and he will do just about anything to avoid them. Even though his rigid teacher, Miss Adolf (Felicity Montagu), doesn't always appreciate his efforts to think outside the box, he finds a kindred spirit in his music teacher, Mr. Rock (Henry Winkler), and in his best friends, Frankie (Jayden Jean-Paul-Denis) and Ashley (Chloe Wong, later Alicia Lai), who encourage and support Hank.

Henry Winkler's beloved literary hero comes to life in this exceptional series that presents the frustrating reality of learning challenges in a relatable context for kids. This achieves two things: It gives voice to those who experience challenges of their own, and it raises awareness of these kinds of issues for those who aren't affected. In less prominent ways, the stories also reflect how Hank's situation has a ripple effect on those around him, including his friends who stick up for him, his parents who are frequent fliers to the headmaster's office, and his little sister, Emily (Madeline Holliday), who tries to distance herself from the trouble he finds himself in at school.

There are so many positive themes in this series it's almost hard to count. First and foremost, there's Hank's determination not to let his challenges define him or hold him back, but to find new ways to learn and achieve that favor his strengths instead of dwelling on his weaknesses. Also well illustrated is the value of surrounding yourself with and being inspired by people who build you up rather than tear you down. From another vantage point, viewers are encouraged to consider others' unique experiences before judging them. Hank Zipzer is a delight to watch and can spark meaningful discussions with kids about respecting differences and overcoming challenges.

Families can talk about how Hank Zipzer's experiences encourage you to think differently about other people's unique challenges and abilities. Is it fair to judge people before, as they say, "walking a mile in their shoes"? On the other hand, are there certain standards that should be universal regardless of our differences?

Hello, I'm Ursquidicuss, but you probably already knew that. I thought this would be a fun little project to do on here. Anyone who knows me knows that one thing I really want to see from the show is more Western Animation represented in DB. I'm not an avid reader of comics or manga, and I only started watching anime a couple of months ago. I've played my fair share of video games, but even then I see matchups with video game characters that are totally foreign, however, if there's one thing I've seen a lot of, it's western cartoons. As such, I find that the shows overall use of the medium is downright criminal. There's so many good matchups left out there because when it comes to cartoons, the surface has barely been scratched, and I've thought to myself mutiple times that there are so many good matchups out there, that there could be an entire season's worth of them, so I decided I would take up that challenge for myself with this blog. That being said, I have established a good deal of criteria for me to make this extra challenging. 041b061a72


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