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Algorithms drive personalized news feeds and curate search results, content, and friend recommendations by tracking user behaviour. Algorithms sometimes promote misleading, sensationalist and conspiratorial content over factual information and can be key vectors in amplifying the spread of mis/disinformation.

Search results for Tales of Arise

Single molecule techniques provide a powerful method to directly observe thedynamics of polymers and proteins, often revealing surprising behavior and richheterogeneity at the molecular level. In recent work, my group has extended thestudy of single polymer dynamics to new polymeric materials such ring-shapedpolymers and comb-shaped polymers with complex molecular architectures. Inthe first part of the talk, I discuss the unexpected observation of dynamicheterogeneity in single polymer motion in entangled solutions. Our resultsshow that two different molecular sub-populations are `hidden' in theensemble. One sub-population of polymers relaxes via a smooth single-modedecay, whereas a second sub-population relaxes via a two-mode (fast and slow)response. This unexpected behavior is interpreted by considering regionsof locally unentangled polymers that arise due to flow-induced `pulling' ordisentanglement of polymers in an otherwise well-mixed solution. We furtherstudy the dynamics of branched polymers such as comb-shaped polymers usingsingle molecule methods. Our results again reveal unexpected stretchingdynamics due to the introduction of branches or side-chains along a longlinear polymer backbone. In the second part of the talk, I discuss the DNAtarget site search mechanism of a class of programmable gene editing proteinscalled transcription activator-like effector (TALE) proteins. Despite theimportance of these proteins for genomic editing applications, little is knownabout the DNA target site search mechanism. We use single molecule techniquesto study the search process for these proteins on long DNA molecules. Ourresults show that TALEs search DNA like a `molecular zip-line', essentiallyusing moving along DNA without rotating or following the helical pitch ofnatural DNA. Our results suggest that the intrinsic helical structure of theseunique proteins enables them to adopt a loosely wrapped conformation aroundDNA templates during nonspecific search, facilitating rapid one-dimensional(1D) diffusion under a range of solution conditions. Overall, these resultsshow that the search mechanism for TALE proteins is unique amongst the broadclass of sequence-specific DNA-binding proteins. 041b061a72


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