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28 ABSTRACT Destiani Dewi Angrum ( ) Producer, Rifky Rachmah Istighfarin ( ) Director, Siti Nurayu Ahlina ( ) Script Writer, Trio Ansory ( ) Cameraman, Achmad Khilal Ageng Subagja ( ) Audioman, Abdul Rahmat Hidayat ( ) Artistic and Lightingman, Fajar Firmansyah ( ) Editor. Title of program : Generasi Muda A Lot of television stations in Indonesia raises many competition patterns to grabbing the attention of viewers by airing a wide range of television programs. Both drama and nondrama program. Can be seen also from the number of television stations have emerged in Indonesia. It signifies the rapid development of the world is getting television in Indonesia, ranging from dramas such as movies, soap operas, FTV and also a nondrama tv programs such as Talk Show, Magazine Show, Game Show, Quiz, Variety Show. We therefore decided to make this program magazine show that we will pack in a relaxed, fresh, and exciting. Hopefully the information provided is helpful and gives a lot of knowledge also entertainment. The titled of this program magazine show is Generasi Muda, a tv program that shows the work of young people in the present and will explore different themes in each week. Generasi Muda that we mean on this magazine show is a program describes creative young have that still cling to the art and culture of Indonesia. Not just unique and very good, but has a value which is promising and produced by the creative hands of young children ini this country. Purpose is to make the audience more aware of art and culture which are preserved young Indonesia. Keywords : Generasi Muda, Magazine Show, Entertainment, Information. DAFTAR ISI Lembar Judul Tugas Akhir... i

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