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[S4E18] Forgive Or Forget !!BETTER!!

The recap at the beginning included scenes of him telling Claire he was sick but not of them discovering some miracle treatment, so am I forgetting something, or did his cancer just go by the wayside?

[S4E18] Forgive or Forget


George tells Izzie that Callie forgave. She told him that he's had a rough year and that people make mistakes. Izzie tells her interns to back off. George was blindsided by Callie's forgiveness. Izzie says Callie is saving her rage for Izzie, but Izzie says she's going to put on a fight.

Callie finds Will smoking outside the hospital. She thought the deal was that he'd stop smoking. He thinks Ruthie will forgive him after her emergency surgery. Callie says she won't, because she's dead. Her heart couldn't take the strain because of her starving herself and her training. Will says Ruthie wanted to lose weight, he just wanted her to be healthy. Callie says she was healthy 20 pounds ago. She thinks Will wanted her to be hot. Will says he loved her. As George comes outside, Callie says he didn't. Maybe he didn't like to be alone, or maybe she made him feel better about his miserable life, but he sure didn't love her because you don't destroy the person that you love. As George pulls Callie back, Callie yells she'd love for him to hit her so she can kick his ass. Bailey comes outside, too, and helps George to pull Callie away. Bailey apologizes to Will and George takes him inside. Once they're gone, Bailey asks Callie again if she's all right. Callie says it's nothing. Bailey says nothing almost cost her her career just now.

Callie runs into Izzie in a hallway. Izzie stops her and apologizes for the thing in the cafeteria. She's sorry about everything. She feels terrible. Callie says Izzie took advantage of George. She trusted Izzie, so much so that she convinced herself she was crazy, but turns out she wasn't. Then Izzie humiliated her in the cafeteria. George may be the one who broke his vows, but Izzie stole something from her. She's the one who should be humiliated. "How dare you come to me for forgiveness, you traitorous bitch," Callie says.

George finds Callie standing outside in the rain. He says she can't just forgive him. What he did to her is unforgivable. Callie says that's how forgiveness works. George says she hasn't forgiven him, because she can't look at him or talk to him. She's so angry that the only way she can deal with it is by forgiving him and pretending it didn't happen, but it did happen and she doesn't forgive him. "You're right. I don't," she says.

Amy, Jonah and Dina run to the office where Dina is pleased with Glenn's meltdown. Amy threatens to write Glenn up again but he sings a Christian song in defiance. Dina gets a battering ram. Having knocked down the door, Glenn sits in Amy's office while she types up a disciplinary form on her computer. Offering to forget everything he's done if he apologizes, Glenn refuses. Amy tries to submit the form but it doesn't work. Glenn gives her some tips and then starts typing up the form himself. Jonah starts his own environmental group up which Marcus dubs the "Green Posse" with Sandra, Ted, Marcus, Earl, Heather, and Roxy. Saying it'll be a "direct action" group, Garrett comes by and guesses Jonah started the group to be in charge. Denying this, Marcus offers to be leader which Jonah quickly shoots down. In Amy's office, Amy and Glenn are discussing an administrative matter. Sandra comments that they've made up which angers Dina, causing her to kick several boxes. 041b061a72


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