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Dope Wars Crack House 2 1 Apk Download ((TOP))

Live the life of a low-level drug dealer in this modern side-scrolling version of the classic game, Dope Wars. Walk your strip, buy your product, cook your crack, keep a stash, serve your customers, rob your customers, employ workers to manufacture and cut your product and much more..Just be sure not to draw too much attention from the law.---------------------------------Recently Added:AMERICAN GANGSTER-Employ Workers To Cut And Manufacture Drugs In Your "Hollywood Style Production Facility"..Then Take The Product To The Streets Or Hire Runners To Move It For You.CHOOSE YOUR PATH-Several Selectable Characters, Each One Experiences The City DifferentlyPOST UP-Find The Best Stashes And Corners & Travel By Bus, Car, Or Bike To Access 5 Awesome Blocks.SPEND YOUR CASH-Check Out The Various Stores Spread Throughout The City Where You Can Find New Weapons, Abilities, Coats, And Much More.features:MAKE MOVES-Start with less than a grand and get on the block. Encounter fiends, cops, crooks and customers in a fully interactive 2D side-scrolling/sandbox environment.RE-UP-Enter buildings to buy some weed, cocaine, heroin, pcp, or mushrooms.COOK UP-Use baking soda and coke to whip up a fresh batch of crack in your customizable crack house.SERVE CUSTOMERS-Take your work to the block and serve the mobs of customers that drive by. Touch on passing cars to flag down drivers.LOOK OUT-Watch the news ticker to keep up with ongoing drug busts and events which lead to price changes..Keep an eye out for patrolmen, angry shop owners, and snitches if you are dirty.STAY OUT OF PRISON-Avoid warrants for theft, weapons possession, evading police, attempted murder, and manslaughter or you will be in for a long prison sentence.BUILD YOUR EMPIRE- Play Career Mode for an unlimited game.FAST MONEY- Timed Mode, make as much cash as you can before the feds arrest you on conspiracy charges.We are not trying to glorify drug dealing! The media is already doing an excellent job at that.---------------------------------Note:This game may not be compatible with some older models of Huawei phones.The main menu can be very dark or unreadable on these devices.Email:[email protected]: !/GrognakGamesPlease send an e-mail if you have any questions,comments,suggestions,or problems.

Dope Wars Crack House 2 1 Apk Download


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