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Tips and Tricks for Using Your Korg M1 Serial Number

korg collection m1 also has the sounds and patches from the m1-e (japanese version), the m2 and the ms50 monosynth. we also have many m1-related sounds from the korg t1, t2 and t3 like pixels and chrome dreams. some of you may have already noticed that from certain m1 presets we have created patches for monotron, silver mini and pulse. all of these patches are available as preset patches in korg collection m1 for you to try out. the files for the above named patches are found in the korg legacy folder on the disk.

Korg M1 Serial Number

in amarketplace where asynth that sells afew tens of thousands of units is considered asuccess, one that reportedly sold 250,000 surely exceeds amanufacturer's wildest hopes. such an instrument was the korg m1, the widelybeloved sample+synthesis workstation that can rightly be called the most popular synth of all time. released in 1988 at auk retail price of 1499, it was manufactured until 1995 and seven years is avery long time in music technology. although korg won't verify the quarter of amillion figure i've just mentioned, they do tell me that 100,000 were manufactured during the first two years of the m1's life, serial number 100,000 having rolled off the production line in november 1990.

'digital fantasia' is a revolutionary program that cannot be said of many digital instruments. it makes available a tonal space of extraordinary dimensions, which exceeds the capabilities of any digital synth before it, and its tone is capable of achieving a level of fidelity never before achieved in a live system. as a result of this, the one who has korg collection m1 with 'digital fantasia' stands apart from the ordinary.


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