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Dunes Of Middle East...Relaxing Music HOT!

The most common activity in Wadi Rum is camping in one of the camps, stargazing in the middle of the desert and listening to music around a campfire enjoying a locally cooked meal. There are many things to explore inside of the desert and you can choose to see these places by riding a camel or a horse, letting a local take you using a jeep or just by hiking. Make sure to check out the popular natural and archaeological sites such as the natural rock bridge of Burdah Arch which can be an enjoyable easy rock climb without the need for rope. Khazali canyon with ancient Nabataeans drawings and inscriptions protected for thousands of years from nature. Alameleh Inscriptions that included both Nabataeans and Thamudic inscriptions. One of the many available Dunes, Al Hasany Dunes, one of the most popular Dunes in Wadi Rum to climb up and enjoy the sunset. Lawrence's spring, which is named after Lawrence of Arabia is a beautiful cold natural water flowing out of a mountain. Jebel Umm Al ishrin and Jebel Rum Mountains both can be interesting for experienced or noviet rock climbers.

Dunes Of Middle East...Relaxing Music



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