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The main goal of these sessions is for students to be able to explore problems and clarify doubts by engaging in productive conversations with a peer tutor. Sessions should be taken as an opportunity to discuss issues, develop new learning strategies, and practice various aspects of the target language.


Peer tutors are not responsible for "teaching any particular course content Furthermore; it is best if sessions do not focus on simply correcting or proofreading work. Peer tutors are not responsible for "improving" assignments or "'eliminating errors Peer tutors offer suggestions and advice. They are not responsible for the quality of students' work or grades they might receive in their classes.

Sessions are open to all undergraduate students taking Spanish courses (lower and upper division) at SDSU. Sessions can be attended on a drop-in "basis according to peer tutor availability {see weekly schedule above). Tutoring sessions are limited to 20 minutes.

Tutors are undergraduate students whose work is to help fellow students, i.e., peer tutors. Even though they are not language experts or professional tutors, they are students who have successfully learned a language and/or completed Spanish courses in our Department and, thus, can offer help or advise to fellow students. Interested in being a tutor? Please see our employment page for more information.

Each semester the department hires students for Tutor positions. Tutors are undergraduate students whose work is to help fellow students, i.e., peer tutors. Even though they are not language experts or professional tutors, they are students who have successfully learned a language and/or completed courses in our Department and, thus, can offer help or advise to fellow students.

Glenys, a fully bilingual Spanish speaker from Venezuela, holds a Masters of Science in Chemistry from the Colorado State University and a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Prior to joining SpanishBlackbelt, Glenys worked as a freelance Spanish tutor, as well as tutor for other subjects, university professor, coach, and manager of advanced learning, consulting and human development.Glenys currently teaches adults, teens and organizations.

Patricia, a fully bilingual Spanish speaker from Colombia, holds a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Marketing from the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Bogotá, Colombia. Prior to joining SpanishBlackbelt, Patricia worked as Spanish tutor, Marketing and Customer Service Representative, and Radio broadcaster for a Colombian radio station.Patricia currently teaches adults, teens and organizations.

Juana Rosa a fully bilingual Spanish speaker from Peru, holds an Associate Degree in Liberal Art from Kingsborough Community College. She also holds a certification of Translator and Interpreter from City University of New York - Hunter College Manhattan.Prior to joining SpanishBlackbelt, Juana Rosa has worked as a freelance interpreter since 2008. She also has accumulated experience as a Spanish tutor helping college students with their Spanish skills not only to understand the grammar behind but also about the Latin American culture as well.Juana Rosa currently teaches adults and teens.

All of our Spanish tutors are cream of the crop. They are highly educated, carefully screened and extensively trained in the science and art of tutoring Spanish with our method. They are also energetic, enthusiastic and strongly passionate about teaching and sharing their culture.

Almost all of our tutors are native Spanish speakers. In special situations, though, we may invite a non-native Spanish speaker to join our team of tutors provided that they prove to have a level of fluency similar to that of a native Spanish speaker. A non-native Spanish speaker can develop this level of fluency by studying the language extensively and living an extensive period of time in a Spanish speaking country.

If for any reason you consider that your Spanish tutor and you are not a good fit, you will be able to request a change of Spanish tutor without any extra cost. We do recommend, however, if you think your Spanish tutor is not paying attention to your needs, to point that to her so that she can adopt any necessary changes in her teaching approach.

All of our tutors teach mainstream Spanish, that is, Spanish that all native Spanish speakers from Latin America and Spain have in common. The "Ceceo" (increased use of "Z" sounds when speaking, typical of Spain), for example, is something nice that will come handy when you are in Spain but also something that is not necessary for you to fit into their culture or be understood. It is something that you will adopt naturally after spending some time in Spain.

Upon request, though, your tutor could also teach you the idiomatic expressions that may be specific to his/her region. There is no significant difference in the Spanish spoken in South America, Central America and Spain. You can get an idea of their differences by establishing a parallel to English spoken in Great Britain, US and Canada.

If you are totally new to the language, please note that there are many things you need to learn first, such as structure and vocabulary, before you start learning all about the subtle variations in pronunciation or jargon observed among different Spanish-speaking countries. At an early stage, it is therefore not that relevant to study from someone from a specific country. What is most relevant is to find a tutor with the best possible teaching technique and track record. Note too that we do our best to only have on board Spanish tutors that speak with clear diction and without strong regional accents.

You can include a note on your application indicating that you are particularly interested in having your Spanish sessions with a specific Spanish tutor or with a tutor with a specific nationality. We will do all what is in our hands to consider your preferences on our response.

Observe as well that most tutors have an unbelievably high rating of 4.5 stars or more. This is a real-time rating that is not filtered or manipulated. There are very little chances of finding tutors with low-quality reviews in our school simply because:

Be aware as well that tutors with a higher number of reviews are not necessarily better than those with less. It may just mean that they have been working longer with us or that they simply work a higher number of hours per week.

All of our Spanish tutors have been carefully selected and rigorously trained in our methods and the art and science of tutoring Spanish. They are certified by our Spanish school but not by third party accredited organization or government agency. If in need of a Spanish teacher certified by a third party accredited organization or government agency we would encourage you to register for a Spanish class at a university or college. Most language institutes do not require their tutors to be independently certified. In our experience, independently certified teachers are normally rated much lower that tutors who do not carry certifications. We hire Spanish tutors based on their ability to make sure students learn as opposed to on their ability to force students to follow a specific method regardless of their effectiveness.

Language Door San Diego provides private instruction and tutors in Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, German, Greek, Korean, English, Arabic, Farsi, ASL - American Sign Language and dozens of other languages. Whether you are a total beginner looking to learn a new language for work or travel, or an experienced linguist looking to brush up on a rarely-used language, we can tailor a private instruction or tutoring track for you.

Do you just need to learn to speak so you can get through an international conference call next month? We can arrange to have a tutor make sure you are totally confident when you pick up the phone. Do you need to translate some documents for your dissertation research, but have no interest in speaking the language? We can help with that too.

I'm looking for a Spanish tutor for my 8th grade son for Spanish 1. Would be only an hour in person a week on Saturday or Sunday and possibly another hour as needed during the week which could be Zoom. $30 an hour. 041b061a72


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