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Pursuit Of Happiness (Nightmare) BETTER

There is nothing at all shameful about using therapy to help soothe anxieties and find ways to cope with stress or other forms of unhappiness. The same could be said about seeking support for those who have diagnosable learning differences or disabilities that call out for treatment or accommodation in schools and test-taking.

Pursuit Of Happiness (Nightmare)

Therapeutic deists and strictly moral Christians are both liable to make the mistake of separating our holiness from our happiness, our search for meaning from our search for satisfaction. But the God of Christianity is too great and too good for happiness and holiness to be separated.

This framework provides a useful way of thinking about privacy. Even if we cannot agree whether we have a right to privacy, or what the scope of any particular privacy right should be, the right to pursue it should be as uncontroversial as the right to pursue happiness. In fact, pursing privacy is probably an important element of achieving happiness for most citizens. Almost everyone needs some time and space to be free with their own thoughts or to control personal information or secrets that they value. But that does not make it any easier to define the nature of privacy as a formal legal right, or any easier to enforce it, even if a satisfactory conception of privacy could be crafted to suit every context. 041b061a72


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