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Striker Superstars Credits 50 [PATCHED]

Another FC Barcelona striker has been accused of tax evasion - and this time, it's not Spanish tax authorities who are leveling the accusations. A Brazilian judge has charged that Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, known to most of the world simply as Neymar, took steps to avoid reporting income and paying tax. As a result, he has ordered 188.8 million reals ($47.75 million U.S.) of Neymar's assets frozen: that amount is roughly three times more than the amount of tax at issue.

striker superstars credits 50

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It says Wenger is willing to spend more than 60 million ($78 million) to get a new superstar striker. His dream pick is Lewandowski, who currently plays for Bayern Munich, but failing that he wants Greizmann, of Atletico Madrid.

Lewandowski, who also plays for Poland, has yet to make a deal with Arsenal because of his huge weekly wage demands. But Greizmann, Wenger's second choice, may also be too costly for the club given his 85 million buyout clause with Atletico Madrid, which signed a five-year contract with the striker this summer.

Schuller is the reigning Germany Player of the Year and one of the talents they hope will end their big-tournament bad luck streak at this summer's European Championship. In 2021, she scored a quarter of all of Germany's goals. The Bayern Munich striker also topped the Frauen Bundesliga scoring chart with 16 goals. -- Kathleen McNamee

Arsenal managed to see off several competitors to the signing of Blackstenius in January as they brought her to the WSL on a free transfer from Sweden's BK Hacken. The Swedish striker has since formed a seamless partnership with Vivianne Miedema up front to establish themselves as one of the most ruthless duos in world club football.

However, after scoring 37 times in those two competitions last season, it felt like a step back for Barca's record goal scorer. The Spain striker, who has evolved into more of a No. 10 than a No. 9, faces a new adventure in Mexico. After her contract with Barca expired this month, she signed with Liga MX Femenil outfit Pachuca as a free agent. -- Sam Marsden

At the start of February, at the age of 23, Katoto surpassed Marie-Laure Delie to become Paris Saint-Germain's all-time leading goal scorer with 132 goals in 148 matches. That is possibly all anyone needs to know to understand the sheer depth of her ability in front of goal, the rangy striker all but built to score.

With an understanding of when to time her runs, where to make her decisive moves and how best to get the better of her opposition, there is a touch of the ease to all that Katoto does, a natural ability that is at once effective and entertaining. Eyebrows were raised when Corinne Diacre opted to leave the striker (then 20) out of France's squad for their home World Cup; however, Katoto has rarely been absent since, the attacker with 24 goals in 28 caps for Les Bleues. -- Sophie Lawson

It is impossible not to include Miedema in a list of the best strikers who ever lived. In June, she became the first player to be involved in 100 goals in the FA Women's Super League. In addition to having a goal-scoring record that almost no one on this earth can come close to, she could also be more selfish, as she averages an assist every two games. Miedema is like a reliable machine that rarely falters.

Just when it feels like there is nothing left to write about Kerr, the Australian striker finds new levels and new ways to astound fans and best defenses. The 2021-22 season was one of great personal success sprinkled with team success. Her Instagram resembled a digital trophy case, with photo after photo of FA Cups, league titles and of player-of-the-season awards.

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The two are scheduled to meet with the gold on the line in the co-main event of ONE on Prime Video 1 on August 26.


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