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Serial Do Alone In The Dark 2008

to this day, it is not known how many patients she killed. but in 1900, she was put on trial and sentenced to death. the evidence against her was considered overwhelming, but due to the nature of the crime, no witnesses were called, and few records were kept of patients who had been given her medicine. the evidence was never used again. today, she is the only person ever to have been convicted of mass murder based on forensic evidence alone. she was sent to jail for twenty-five years and then pardoned.

serial do alone in the dark 2008


sadly, the number of serial killers in nursing care facilities is on the rise. freeland, like elizabeth s. freeland, is a case in point. according to the fbi, there were 101 confirmed cases of nurses committing murder in u.s. hospitals in 2000. that number more than doubled in five years, and it is estimated that the number is currently around 400. most of the nurses were charged with murder, but many others were convicted of lesser crimes, such as manslaughter and assault.

a study published in the journal of medicine and philosophy in 2014 estimated that for every 100,000 hospital employees, there are approximately 3.5 serial killers. this calculation is based on fbi data from 1998 to 2012, and the estimate is similar to one that was previously published.

in the years since the 1960s, serial killing of children has become increasingly common. recent research has shown that, since the late 1990s, serial killers of children have exhibited more of the characteristics associated with murderers of adults, rather than with child molesters. in a subsequent study, this group found that the victims of child serial killers are generally female and under the age of six. they identified characteristics of the killer and the circumstances of the crime. about one third of the killers were alcohol or drug abusers, one third were married, and about half were attracted to the victims because of their appearance. one third had a history of sexual abuse as children. one third had been abused themselves, and more than half were physically and sexually abused as children. the most common method of killing was asphyxia, often by smothering the child.


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