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let's go team! free fridays are back with an amazing class! we are excited to bring this class back, taking from a classic to a brand new class that will challenge your practice. we'll have light stretching, a flow of body awareness moves, a blend of vinyasa and lots of essential alignment. it will be fun and you will walk away feeling stronger! getting fit mind body

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so you've got a barre (reformer) studio nearby? no worries! in this month's barre city daze, we're bringing the barre to the bar, along with some simple moves to warm up your body and destress your mind. learn new levels of bending, twists, plies, and bring your strength and flexibility to the next level!

the best music can go anywhere and be anything. it is music that transcends language, culture, and time, resonating with our hearts and souls. the soul of music is something intangible, but it can be discovered through playfulness. through playfulness, the best of music comes out. the best of music

in this class, find out how to compose, create, and turn your favorite music into a podcast! andy and ned have all the tools to help you create the best podcast ever! this is the best (free) class to learn how to create your own music for any project you might be creating.

have you tried this music before? if so, you know there's nothing quite like the sounds of this instrument. and it can be really easy to use, too! have you ever used vst plugins, or a vst synthesizer to create music? in this short course, we'll take a deeper look at how synthesizers work, and you'll learn how to create one from scratch! this is best for you if you'd like to delve into the technical aspect of making music with this tool. this is perfect for those who want to make music with vst plugins, or use the tools in fl studio and ableton. creating music with the piano using fl studio and ableton


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