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Zyia Active is a premium activewear line for women, men, and children designed for EveryBODY offering sizes 0-20. Think incredible quality like that of Lulu or Lorna Jane but a price tag that won’t break the bank! This active lifestyle brand believes in embracing activity with excitement, vigor, and delight. We feel that pushing your body and mind is easier and more fun with friends and family. Our mission is to inspire and uplift by making activity a fun and essential part of life.

Zyia Active 4 Pillars: Uplift, Community Activity & Light

This company-wide culture within our Zyia family is what sets our brand apart from the rest! As much as we love our product, it's important to know that we're so much more than leggings. Our pillars say it all. As a company, we constantly strive to do these four things! Zyia has continued to support causes, change lives, promote healthy lifestyles, and connect communities from the U.S. to Canada.
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My Story

My Story
Zyia fell into my lap at the exact time I needed it! I was stuck in a job that was going nowhere fast and I had lost sight of taking care of myself and my family. Hours spent working and hustling for someone else’s dream while mine slowly slipped away was just more than I could bear and I started to search for more. I never imagined that partnering with an activewear company was the gateway to the life I was envisioning! I had researched other avenues to connect my passions with purpose while being able to help my family financially but nothing felt right until I found Zyia.
Fitness was a huge part of my life but finally having the wear-and-share accountability was exactly what I needed to connect with my own health goals and help inspire others with their own! Plus, finally having the flexibility of making my own schedule allowed me to do what I love, and strengthen relationships within my family and my community! It was the absolutely perfect fit! And that’s not all that fit--these leggings were a dream! My first pair of leggings felt like magic and I knew that if they could make a mom of 4 with a tummy and C-section shelf feel confident, the possibilities were endless! So my mission was clear: to help other women love the skin they are in and find joy in living an active and fulfilling life!
The business side of Zyia evolved a lot quicker than I even anticipated and with that came another calling: to help other women discover this opportunity that goes way beyond leggings! I quickly saw my hard work and effort matching my financial need and saw this business snowball into a life-changing venture for me and my family! Today, I have a strong magnetic team and we are part of Zyia’s fastest and highest-ranking team designed with top leaders and trendsetters in the industry! Come join us! There is always room for more awesomeness in our Zyia family!
  • What Does it Cost to Get Started as a Zyia Rep?
    To be a ZYIA Active Rep, you must purchase a starter kit. Starter Kits cost $295 and include 5 "Staple Items" PLUS a $100 Gift Card to purchase the ZYIA items you love most!
  • What Comes in the Zyia Active starter kit?
    The starter kit includes the $100 Gift Card, 5 staple items, such as a legging, jogger, tank, jacket or bra. The kit is based on product availability. Also included is $50 worth of business tool kits, starter guide, brochures, catalogs.
  • Do I get a discount on Activewear?
    Yes! All reps enjoy a 25% discount and hostess rewards based on personal parties closed! This is the best perk ever!! In fact, if you don't want to run a business, you can just enjoy the hostess perks!
  • How Do I Make Money With Zyia?
    Commission is made from every sale that goes through your rep website. Commission starts at 20% and goes up to 28% based on sales. The overrides increase with sales and rank advances with no caps on bonuses! I have never made less than 28% and Zyia frequently throws in monthly promotion and incentives!
  • Do I Need to Keep Inventory?
    Nope! This is a huge benefit to this business! Unlike other companies, reps do NOT have to keep inventory not keep anything on hand to personally ship. If you want to keep inventory, you can but it is not required.
  • Do I have to build a business?
    Nope! Some people love the brand so much and just enjoy the discount! Others love having their personal link to have friends and family shop from! It's totally up to you to pick the right path for you!
  • Is there a minimum?
    No! This is so amazing about Zyia! You do not have to meet any quotas or reach any minimum in product sales ever! The person that will make the biggest difference in your business is YOU. If you sell, you make commission. If you want the discount, you get awesome clothes at a great price. If you want some side money, go for it! I help you wherever you are at!
Black Pocket Light n Tight Hi-Rise 7/8 24" Navy Cozy Jogger Red All Star Bra Navy Copper Charged Tank ZYIA-X Mesh Hat
Men's Hiking Trucker Hat Men's Navy Performance Hoodie Men's Teal Versatility Short Men's White Performance Socks Men's White Active Slit Polo Men's Red Links Active T
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