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Why should you enroll with me?

Well, that’s a fair question! But honestly, I have so much to offer you beyond just cheering you on from the sidelines! Because my goal is to see you thrive and succeed, I have done the heavy lifting for you by designing clear systems, a simple onboarding process, and training in the best effective and efficient time management strategies! Say goodbye to the old practices of squeezing in time between your already busy schedule! I have a better solution! 


That’s not all!  I am obsessed with learning the best practices in social media, which is where the majority of your business will revolve! My college degree and career background are in marketing and social media management! I am totally committed to being on the edge of whatever is new in this crazy tik tok, reel, and insta world! 


Are we a perfect match yet? Well, if not, I will share a secret! The secret to success is knowing when to hustle and when to live! “Life is precious, but so is LIVING!” My brand goes way beyond activewear because I live what I preach! As a busy working mom, it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the things, but I made a promise to myself when I started that I wouldn’t live behind the screen but in the mountains, on the dance floor, at the river, on the field trips, in the airplane, at the beach. Having that flexibility to live my life while I build my dreams is essential to me! Zyia allows me to live a fully active life while growing a business along the way! Are you ready to see the LIGHT this business can bring into your life? Let’s chat and see if it's a good fit for you!

Who am I?

I’m an original Cali girl who now calls Arizona her home and has fallen in love with the desert life!

I’ve been married to my dear hubby for almost 19 years and have 4 crazy kiddos. 

I am a nature lover. You can find me hiking in the fall, camping in the spring, paddleboarding in the summer, and everything else in between! I am always looking forward to the next adventure.


I am a wannabe dancer. I attend weekly group classes doing hip hop, Zumba, and even ballroom! Music and moving is my happy place. I love all types of fitness, but dancing is my spirit animal workout. 

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