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Mackie Profx8 Drivers For Mac

I have a very loud hum - kinda sounds like a grounding problem type hum - from my mackie 1202 vlz pro. It gets louder as I turn up the volume on my inputs - dsr 11 (ch 1,2) and computer audio (5,6). If I mute these, I have no hum.

Mackie Profx8 Drivers For Mac

The first thing I would suggest is buy an ebtech hum elminator . Run your computer audio through it and come out of it into your mackie with balanced cabels . Ebtech makes an 8 channel rack mounted unit.

You could even use a presonus external sound card like the inspire to cut down on that . Make sure that all the cabels to your amps eq crossover are balanced . Try the ebtech first . I had a major groud loop at a Church from a av/compter . I just ran audio from the tape decks cd players dvd players and computer into the ebtech and then ran all of it into a behringer rack mixer and then into the mackie mixer . No more ground loop . There are other companys that solve hums like the Art clean box .


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